Choose your print!


Choose your print!

November 01, 2018

Hello oh Glamorous one!

I just wanted to touch base and remind everyone to feel free to ask me for a particular design you see on my Instagram or website and I will be happy to print it on any of the products you see featured here! It is a process in trying to upload every design on every product, and I just wanted to let you know that yes! we can print design 016 on a towel for example !Simply tell me the code, and which item you would like to print it on and I will organise for you! Everyone has their favourite , and I would be most happy to customise these for you!

Also, to say thank you, place your order before the 31st of December , 2018 and receive a beautiful complimentary mug - to add a touch of glamour to your coffee time!

Love and light to all!

xxx P

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