Glam Reed Diffuser - Concierge

Glam Reed Diffuser - Concierge

Fragrance - Vanilla, patchouli sandalwood

Unlock a world of luxury and fragrance with our Glam Reed Diffuser - Concierge. Discover a constant aroma of vanilla and patchouli sandalwood that will last more than 8 months. Enjoy a premium scent experience, elegantly crafted for the most discerning nasal palette.

Top Notes: Bergamot Lemon Peel

Middle Notes: Cedarwood Patchouli

Base Notes: Vanilla White Musk

▪️Reed wood sticks

▪️Glass jar with Bespoke Design - Concierge

▪️Premium Base oil blended with fragranced essential oil  

▪️Designed and hand poured in Perth

▪️150ml and 200ml

▪️Lasts up to 8 months