I am an artist and illustrator who specialises in creating beautiful, inspiring and up lifting Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and Homewares. Each piece is created with the intention of radiating positive energy and adding an element of elegance, beauty and grace to your space

Born in Toronto, Canada, our family moved to the majestic city of Rome when I was six. Surrounded by history, beauty and art (lots of art), my passion for creativity was only beginning and one of my favourite outings was to visit dad at work at one of Rome’s finest furniture stores catering for movies stars and the like.This is where I began appreciating art, culture and glamour! I was surrounded by beautiful interiors, homewares and of course, art- heaven! I also witnessed dad’s entrepreneurial spirit as he catered for Rome’s artistic and fashionable community. 

Before moving (again) to Perth, Western Australia, a family friend gave me a beautiful birthday gift, not a doll or a Barbie, but a large hard-cover book named: First Encounter with Art (Primo Incontro con L’Arte). An unlikely gift for a little girl.“ We know one day you will do something great with art!” was the message. I didn’t quite understand it at the time, but I was somehow honored and proud to receive the book. Something resonated with the experience. Drawing was, and still is my passion.

We brought a little bit of Italy with us when we moved to Australia , dad set up a successful bakery producing the finest Italian bread Australia had ever seen, or tasted. 

It was this entrepreneurial spirit, which grew on me, and when going to university and college to study art didn’t satisfy my own entrepreneurial spirit - I set out to pursue my own artistic venture, painting and selling my artwork to clients all over the country. My drawing skills adorned ceramics, tiles (murals and coasters), and fabrics as I happily set about producing some bright and colourful pieces for a growing clientele Australia wide.

My heritage influenced my work greatly. The ceramics were painted in my version of “Tuscany” designs. The murals depicted fountains, italian buildings and the like.

Then, my life in multicultural Australia influenced my work. As did my very own spiritual awakening-

My collection of “International Tribal Ladies” as I named them, was a series of 4 happy, ambitious , hard working ladies lovingly, diligently and proudly going about their chores- no matter how mundane, with panache. They appreciated life, and lived it to the fullest. A lot of people asked “ What nationality are they?” and I always replied “ What ever you want them to be!” Brazilian? Hawaiian? Italian? I see the world as one big family. Cultures should not divide. They just add to the richness of this Divine Interpretation we call life.

Today, I am continuing to "Follow my Bliss"  creating illustrations which I market to a growing clientele world wide and present a selection of my work in the form of Fine Art Prints and homewares on my online shop: patriziaterranova.com .

The ladies depicted in my illustrations are confident, chic, ambitious, kind always striving to look and do their best. They tackle even the most mundane task with panache!

Presented also on luxe accessories in the form of silk scarves and high quality cushions and towels to name a few. The PTI lady is stylish inside and out. To quote Coco Chanel: "true Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside".  We couldnt agree more.

My wish, as an artist,  is to add a touch of glamour and positive energy to a space. When I receive feedback from clients stating how happy they are viewing my work - I know my job is complete. 


Press coverage
Style Counsel
The West - November 18, 2017
2011 HIA Perth Housing Awards
The West Australian - August 06, 2011
""The Flower paintings, one of poppies, one of tulips, are by Perth artist, Patrizia Terranova and I love them because they're so bright and happy"."
Habitat Makeover
The West Australian - June 11, 2004
A' Design Award - April 18, 2016
Patrizia Terranova
Director / Artist
patrizia@patriziaterranova.com, 0448044898
Artist and illustrator specialising in beautiful, uplifting Fine Art Prints.
Sales Enquiries, Public Relations
SALES ENQUIRIES: Anolan Dragitsch Public Relations Anolan Luxe World Productions anolan@luxeworldtv.com 323-320-0077 @AnolanLuxe
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